HDFC Internet Banking – Makes Sending Money Easier

Nowadays with the advent of new technologies and modern era, banking services has also gone a fast pace. People now love doing everything at the click of a mouse or button without visiting the branch and standing in a long queue. The technique that made it simpler and possible is HDFC net Banking. Sitting at home and doing all your banking transactions only possible through net banking facility if you opt for this service.


It is the facility almost provided by every bank in the current scenario. You can register for this service of net banking account by applying at your local bank branch like HDFC. After getting login to your account, you can perform various tasks such as bill payments, recharges, load money on your debit or credit card and even more online shopping from huge branded stores. If you having any problems you can also call at HDFC customer care.

How money sending is possible?

Once you have an online account and completed the registration process on HDFC bank website, you can easily avail the feature of transactions and transferring money online by clicking on login feature. Under the account interface section, locate the tab showing transfer/ send money. It offers you with various transfers like wire transfer (use for large money transaction), general transfer (to another recipient account or account which you hold) and transfers that sent abroad (need more information). Choose the option that best suited you by checking the fees based on your transaction and avail this facility.

Merits of internet banking

HDFC Net banking helps you in saving the time and money by providing required services in front of you at a single click. Whether transferring amount from one bank to another for making pending payments or for paying car insurance premiums, the service found to be a useful tool for busy individuals. It also provides users with the tab option to maintain the transaction history and check if there is any discrepancy or not. Paying bills on monthly basis seems very tedious before its advent, now seems faster and more convenient with ease.

Careful Tips for Being Safe and Secure

But many users avoid using this service due to fear of safety and lack of knowledge. Whenever you are using HDFC internet banking facility, always keep a strong login and transaction password and do not keep same even not also disclose to anyone. Keep your password updated within every few weeks. Make ensure that the PC/ laptop are virus free and totally protected with internet security like firewall. Never save your username and passwords in a browser if possible, use virtual keyword. Avoid public places like cyber cafe, friends or office PCs to use your internet banking service. Check the bank URL at address bar whether it is secured and encrypted then only go for making the payment otherwise not. If you received any message or alert from bank regarding transaction you have not done, immediately call the bank and lodged a complaint.

The 21st century is about smart banking and following above guidelines definitely helps users in enjoying the secured internet browsing experience hassle-free.

How to track Snapdeal Orders? – Complete Guide

Snapdeal is one of the most important market places in India, which has over 35 million products. Here we are going to share all the information regarding How to track your orders on Snapdeal. Now the e-commerce site has over 800 different categories and its gradually increasing day by day to provide a tough competition to Flipkart & Amazon. Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl started Snapdeal in February, 2010 and now they spread across 6000+ cities and towns in India. We have also mentioned the details regarding how to contact to Snapdeal Customer Care, in case you are having problem to track the orders of yours on the e-commerce site.

snapdeal tracking

Track Snapdeal Orders – Information & Details

125,000 international brands, national and regional brands & retailers are associated with Snapdeal at present. Astonishingly, the e-commerce site has over 300,000 sellers and the products can be delivered to 6000+ cities and towns in India. If you are ordering any product from the online market place and want it to be delivered near your household, the location should be under Snapdeal’s area.

The first thing one should remember before ordering any product from the online market place is to login or create a account with a valid email-id, otherwise it would be really difficult to track the orders online.

After logging in into choose the product you want to order and after going through all the process of typing your address and payment options, you will be given a order id in your mail inbox. Note that as that number is really important to track order.

Now after ordering the product, you can see a ‘Track Order’ option in the top right corner of the webpage and just click on that.

Now, you will be able to track your order by clicking on ‘My Order’ option or just enter the order id and your email id that is registered with

After doing all the above mentioned steps, you will be able to know all the information and details about your orders or where your package is at the moment. Yes! It’s that easy and you can track your order whenever you want.

Snapdeal Customer Care Numbers and Email Ids – All Details

Snapdeal has partnered with several individual and global investors, such as, Bessemer Venture Partners, BlackRock, Foxconn, eBay Inc, Mr. Ratan Tata, Premji Invest etc. Snapdeal customer care team is constantly working on providing a better experience to the buyers. So, if you are having any difficulties to track your Snapdeal order, you can just simply contact to customer care of it and know about your packages.

Customer Care Numbers of Snapdeal

  • 011-45371100 (7 days a week , usable 24 hrs)
  • 92126 92126 (Snapdeal Mobile Customer Care Number)
  • 011 45371100 (24/7 customer care contact number)
  • Official Customer Care Email id:

Hope you have got all the information regarding how to track orders on snapdeal and the customer care information of it. If we have missed out on any information, please let us know by filling up the details in the contact us page.