It is commonly seen that students who have interest in computer technology are highly confused regarding the best course to choose among BCA and CS/IT. No doubts, students like to prefer course because it is itself an engineering degree.

But with the rising development of private college and institutes that are highly familiarized for bachelor in computer applications only. More and more number of students are choosing BCA as their graduation degree. One can easily get the clear description of these two streams with the help of clear difference given for both.

There are lots of reasons to choose BCA and one of the biggest reasons BCA Students Get More Preference than CS/IT is its demand in educational sector. Even some of the big multinational firms also recruit the BCA students in more numbers now as there is huge demand in computer applications field.

Check Out The Major Differences Between B. Tech Vs. BCA

B. Tech BCA
B.Tech is a 4 yr engineering course It is a 3 yr degree course on computer related programming and languages.
Only science stream students can apply for this course after 12th Students from any stream can apply but they have English and mathematics as compulsory subjects
The fee structure of this program is too much high Course fee is less compared to B. Tech
Student must qualify the state level or national level entrance examination You may need to appear for CET examination.
The exam syllabus and pattern is a far more comprehensive and professionally valued course than BCA, primarily because it delves into a lot more subjects than BCA. BCA syllabus Deals with software language as well as management quality

Academic Qualifications Required For BCA

Bachelor in computer applications i.e. BCA can be easily pursued by 12th pass students with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The minimum percentage varies from institute to institute. It may be 40 – 50% in PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Well, there are some colleges and institutes that may also consider the state level examination scores.

Career and Job Opportunities for BCA

If you choose bachelor in computer applications, then there are lots of job opportunities in private as well as government sector. Apart from this, you can also choose the self employment option.

Reason To Choose BCA

No doubts, earlier we used to have more and more number of students preferring B.Tech courses only due to exciting career options in future but now due to increase in demand for the computer applications operator, BCA students has been given high preference. If you are choosing private sector, Software MNCs are the prime recruiters of B.C.A graduates. Electronics industry, Web hosting, IT sectors are some other sectors that hires B.C.A graduates.

  • Software Tester
  • Software Engineer
  • Associate System Engineer
  • Database Management Professional
  • Information Management Professional
  • System Administrator
  • System Security Officer
  • Project Manager

BCA course has much more advantages than B.Tech. If we talk about its syllabus and exam pattern, it is much more similar but the only difference is that B.Tech does engineering sciences- mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. and BCA does not has electronic paper in final years.

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Benefits Of Scholarship To All Minority Groups

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Educational Development Of Minorities

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