iOS 11: Siri is the center of attraction, but with some ‘not so good’ features


With the WWDC event that occurred on Monday, we have been gathered by hosts of features that are to be brought by the new iOS 11. Well, this has been long cultivated ever since the first rumor was spread. But now as we have been in the month of June, by official announcements, we get to know some of the most anticipated features that might officially launch with Apple’s upcoming operating system “the” iOS 11.

First, we have Siri to be becoming smarter this time. Earlier we have seen the Apple’s assistant was more of a fun kind, but with the passing of days, we have been familiar with how Siri can be helpful at times. With Apple iOS 11, we are going to sport a much intelligent and smarter Siri. Much to our knowledge, Siri is going to break the limit. Yes, you read it right; because we are going to see Siri’s voice to be more stylish with new male and female voices. Also note, with the Siri update we will get to witness something more that speculated.

The tech giant like Apple has offered us with various hi-tech flagships, and that’s the reason why we have gathered a little bit of knowledge in the field of technology (even those who are not that tech savvy). Suppose you have asked Siri, “best restaurants in Chinese”; but guess what, Siri will give you some typical answers in the Chinese language. So be prepared to witness this feature. Apart from Siri, we have the photo and video updates which have also been announced to be processing.

iOS 11 with not so smarter siri

But every bright day is followed by the dusk. And here with iOS 11, after narrating about good news there is a couple of bad news alongside. Shall we proceed then? Okay…

Apple’s most weird move is the social media integrations that have been canceled. Apple users have witnessed Twitter being a part of it since 2011 for six years, alongside Facebook too was supported in the devices from 2012. And now with storms gushing in, we have this news, Apple would cancel all of them, and we would remain relied upon the web browsers.

Apart from the above mentioned, regarding iOS 11 compatibility, we also heard that Apple pins down the end of support for iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4th generation because they possess the 32-bit processors; whereas 64-bit is the near future. And 32-bit apps have been canned by Apple; thereby stopping the newer versions of the flagships too. What we meant, if in the forthcoming days, anyone becomes a user of the newer iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch then they would not be allowed to restore their devices. And if you are a user of iPhone 7 and still using the legacy of the 32-bit app, hold on! Restoring or upgrading your devices will cause the app to vanish completely from your device. That’s what we call ‘the price of progress.’ Blame the developers and not Apple here!

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Wrap Up… It has been ten years since Apple has given us the best hi-tech devices, but what we witnessed at the WWDC event, was more than a surprise.