How to Purchase a lottery Ticket in India

As India is very active in lotteries and spends their money and time in this now there should be enough knowledge about how to buy it in a proper manner. So here we have discussed the buying process of some of the famous lotteries of India. Check the list here!

how to buy lottery ticket

Playwin Lottery

In November 2001, Playwin Lottery was launched and was the first lottery in India to allow online ticket sales. The lottery consists of five games that are run by the Pan India Network Ltd under the overall control of the Sikkim Government. Over the last decade, Playwin Lotto has created over 4,000 millionaires. The lottery tickets for Playwin games can either be purchased online or from an authorised retailer. For online tickets one needs a Playwin card which can be bought from lottery retailers, via SMS or email. The preloaded values of Rs. 200, 500, 1,000 and 5,000 and are the online payment method. If someone wins with an online ticket purchase, then the prize will be paid directly to the Playwin card for redeem or use for future ticket purchases.

Punjab Lottery

Run by the Punjab Government The Punjab Lottery is one of many games that is played in India since 1968. Apart from the monthly lottery every year Punjab State Lottery holds Bumper lottery draws which includes The Basant Panchami bumper, The Baisakhi bumper, The Rakhi bumper, The Maa Lakshmi Diwali bumper. These Bumper draws work similarly to the Monthly draws and have a number of prizes available to win that are worth Rs. 150 up to an impressive amount of Rs. 1, 00,00,000.

Jaldi Lottery

To justify the name Jaldi Lottery comes with the jackpot which is always worth Rs. 5 Lacs. Jaldi 5 and Jaldi5 Double are two part of this lottery. The ticket buying procedure comes in two ways, online and retailer. Anyone can purchase online tickets at the official Playwin site with the help of a Playwin card. The retailers can simply pick up a play slip and fill in the numbers one wishes to play, or ticks the Lucky Pick option if one prefers not to select own numbers. He can choose the number of draws one wishes to play and hands the play slip to the cashier to process the ticket and hand back a proof of purchase.

Kerala Lottery

There is no provision to buy or purchase Kerala Lottery tickets online, as it is strictly prohibited by the Government of Kerala. Recently the Commissioner of Kerala Lotteries has announced the mass with print and electronic advertisements cautioning and warning the people not to try to buy Kerala Lottery tickets through any sources as selling or buying lottery tickets online of prohibited and it will be counted as illegal.