Shareit Offer Safe File Transferring Options For Free


Shareit is the new file sharing app the world is going gaga over. Today the cross-platform sharing app is used by over 800 million people. One of the main features that attributed to the app’s popularity is that it’s super fast. At the end of the day that is the one thing that is expected from a file sharing app. Let’s have a look at what other features SHAREit offer and how you, too can make use of the app in our daily life.


Shareit was launched in China back in 2012 under a different name. It was later renamed and made into the popular app it is. Before Shareit came along, our only file sharing option was USB and Bluetooth. Both being frustratingly slow the rise of Shareit was inevitable.

The app is free of cost and offers cross-platform sharing among while supporting platforms like – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, and Mac. The supports 38 languages other than English that includes Russian, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. Shareit has competitors like Xender, Zapya, SuperBeam, and Share Apps, but from our experience, we have found Shareit’s performance better than the app mentioned above. Lenovo smartphone arrive with the app already installed. For people using other smartphones, they’ll have to head to the official Shareit website and choose the platform they would like. The app is not just 200 times faster than Bluetooth, it is far more secure than Bluetooth, and there are fewer chances of loosing connection. There are no chances of getting malicious files transferred from some other device to your won device. There are fewer chances of having hurtful data transferred into your PC and causing damage in the process. The app helps save time and effort.

As to how you can start sharing files, you need to get the app installed on your device. For a smartphone to smartphone file sharing, you need download Shareit from the app’s official website, on both devices. Open the app on both your devices, you should be able to see two options – send and receive. Select send from any one of the handsets and the app will begin searching for another device with Share it. When you find it, connect and begin sharing whatever you want.

Sharing files between a PC and a phone is possible using Shareit. You can get the PC version of the app from the official site. Now open the app on both PC and handset. In your handset, select send, the app will instantly begin searching for another Shareit user in the vicinity, but it’s really searching for a smartphone. To get the app to connect to your PC, you need to select the ‘connect to PC’ option that you can view at the bottom of the page. Now the app will begin searching Shareit for windows PC. Make sure the app on the PC is open. Once found, select the PC and start sharing. For anyone facing problems while sharing, the way we did, when using Shareit for the first time, restart the phone and things should be fine. Thanks for reading.